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Liana passed them again while she was paying the bill. This time George was able to look at him from behind and watched that familiar walk. Liana’s body was also developed. George found his body ideal when he was in school, but now it looked better: long and shapely legs, these curvy lines were not traits that could be acquired through exercise, but were more likely to be hereditary. The back of his arms was white like milk. George had envisioned this moment many times, but he never thought how it would end. Liana wasn’t just an old lover who once broke George’s heart; As far as George knew, she was a wanted criminal. His crimes were more similar to those seen in Greek tragedies than youth mistakes. She certainly killed one person, she probably killed another person. George was overwhelmed by his moral responsibility and indecision. Are you coming Irene got up. George also got up and followed him. The Sinnerman song by Nina Simone was heard from the speakers. They went through the front door and climbed out into the damp, hot air outside. Where now? Irene asked. George stood just like that. I do not know. I guess I’d better go home. 16 All right, he said to Irene, when we saw that George hadn’t moved at all, or we’ll peg in this rainforest, he added. Sorry, but suddenly I’m not feeling very well. I’d better go home. Is it because of that woman in the bar? Irene stretched out her neck to look through the frosted window of the front door. Because of that name-whatever? She’s that crazy girl you know from Mather. No dear! George lied. I guess I’d better go and sleep.

George walked to his house. A gentle breeze had come out and started to blow through the narrow streets of Be-acon Hill. The wind wasn’t cool, but George spread his arms anyway, he could feel the sweat evaporate. Arriving at his apartment, he sat on the first step of the stairs in front of the building. It was just a few blocks from the bar. He could have a glass of Liana and find out why he came to Boston. He had waited so long to see him, he had dreamed of that moment; But now, when Liana was indeed here, she felt just like the actress in horror movies, unaware of the ax that was about to land on her head soon. She was afraid, and it was the first time in ten years that she had badly wanted to smoke. Liana had come to Jack Croiv to look for her? If so why? If it was any other evening, he would go into his apartment, feed his cat Nora and go to bed. But the gravity of that August night, combined with the presence of Liana at the bar where she was a regular, had a strange feeling as if something was going to happen. In fact, that was all he needed: Good or bad, something to happen. George sat for a while, then thought Liana would have left the bar now. How long could he have sat there alone with the glass of red wine in front of him? He decided to go to the oia again. If Liana left, then she was not destined to see her again. If she was still there she would go to her and say hello.

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