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The exposure time is expressed in fractions of a second. For example, 500 snapshots are 1/500 sec. In other words, it means shooting in a 500th of a second. Thus, fast-moving subjects are reflected in the photo with a faster shot, feeling frozen.

A long narrow waterway extends from the village square of Cumalıkızık, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List, narrow, stony streets upwards. The cold waters flowing from the slopes of Uludağ to these streets have never stopped for 700 years.

“You can drink water from a fountain in Bursa …” With this slogan, BUSKI emphasizes that water should be drunk from the fountain in Bursa. But how can they be so confident of themselves? This city, which has hosted many civilizations with its deep-rooted history of nearly 5 thousand years and has rich water potential, is also known as the “water city”.

When we say “Bursa and Water”, the first thing that comes to mind is Evliya Çelebi who says “Bursa consists of water” and Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar, the master poet of Zaman poetry in Bursa, which starts with the verses “An old mosque courtyard in Bursa / the water that sings in a small fountain”. The only thing that comes to mind is Uludağ. All Turkey has cost the company a lot of water and allowing the mains water Bursa Uludağ in Bursa te water itself. The water, which takes its source from the foothills of Uludağ and gave life to the plain for centuries, is now supplied from Doğancı Dam, Nilüfer Dam, springs and groundwater. The water flowing from the fountain is subjected to continuous inspection and analysis in the network and treatment plant. Bursa Water and Sewerage

According to the administration (BUSKI), tap water; In terms of minerals such as calcium, magnesium and silicon, it has a richer structure than demi-water. With the slogan of drinking water from a fountain in Bursa, it is aimed to know that the water resources in Uludağ are for the public use, to protect and protect them. This slogan, which emphasizes that tap water is economical and healthy, is also approved by the Bursa Chamber of Chemical Engineers. Chamber President Ali Ulusahin says, “You can consume mains water in Bursa with peace of mind”. Due to its taste and the chlorine it contains, municipal water, which the citizens stay at a distance, is safer, healthier and more economical.

says it is. Ulusahin reminds the citizens who stay away from mains water because of chlorine, “it’s not the existence of chlorine, it’s its absence”. “Calcium and magnesium ions called lime in water are especially beneficial for bone development. It is not true that lime in the water causes calcification in the joints. Since the tap water is in a continuous flow, the risk of microorganism growth in it is lower than the water waiting in the package. ” says.

Bursa, which has the potential to respond to the present and the future in terms of drinking water resources, has an annual average rainfall of 693 millimeters. 1 in 20 of the Bursa surface is covered with water. Turkey’s average of 2,500 cubic meters per person per year falls in Bursa years, while the amount of 1,600 cubic meters per capita water. Iznik, the largest lake in the Marmara Region, and Uluabat Lake, which stands out with its natural habitat, are the pride of Bursa … Nilüfer Stream, a branch of Susurluk Stream, Mustafakemalpaşa Stream, Göksu Stream, Kocadere, Karadere and Aksu Stream are Bursa. other water resources ..

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