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When George turned, Liana was sitting like a child with both palms on the table waiting to be fed. George had seen this statement very often. Despite her fake identity, Liana was the Audrey she knew. She wanted to grab her on both shoulders, pull her to herself and kiss her, half intoxicated. I can’t believe you’ve come all the way here. Liana Hra said, taking a sip of her bottle. 157 I do not think you have the right to start a clever sentence with ‘I can’t believe it’. ‘ Liana smiled. You are right. I thought she was dead she. How can you … Look. wait a little bit. I am so embarrassed for that. Let me explain everything, maybe then you can understand. You saw where I live today, you know I don’t come from a wealthy family, we don’t have the money to go to college. I don’t want to go into all the details, but only my father rarely live with him. Too old to be your father, almost seventy years old. Thirty years ago he used to write scripts for television. He said he wrote something like The Twilight Zone, but I don’t even know if it is. All he’s doing now is drinking beer, smoking marijuana and gambling. Oh, I make myself very open, right? Poor me! Anyway, in short, I never had a mother, and an old, lousy father who was constantly in debt, and maybe the odd me hoping to go to a two-year college and get at least an associate degree. If he has a chance, of course … Then you met Audrey Beck on the debating team. Liana took a deep breath. Yes. Looks like you’ve figured it all out up here, Detective Foss. We made friends with Audrey. We chatted at the debate team meetings. She said she liked my earrings. I said I liked his jeans or something. She told me that her parents would force her to go to college, whereas all she wanted was to go to the house her boyfriend and her band had rented on the beach. I told him that I could even murder to go to college, but we had no money. And I explained that even if my lover moved into my bedroom, my father wouldn’t notice. That’s when the idea of ​​making a plan was born. It was actually a fantasy; We thought how nice it would be if we could move. If his family was mine, I could go to college and everyone would be happy. If my father was his father, he could go with his girlfriend and live on the beach. This speech took place in May. Then we both graduated from high school and I didn’t hear from him until August. What have you done all summer? What were you thinking As in the last two years, I was a waitress in a restaurant called Riivvino, enrolled in a bagel college for two. It was terrible, 158 but I could build another truck? Then Audrey called. She said she decided not to go to college. Instead, he would go to West Pahti Beach beach, but when he was not seen at school, his family would find out. Then instead she said I’d better go, she said. I had a car. Telling my dad that I was leaving home – he wouldn’t care anyway – I would go to Connecticut and register as Audrey Beck.

nobody would hear the soul either.

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